Where in the world have I been?

where have i been

It’s been 4 months since my last post. Yikes. I guess I owe it to my 60 subscribers (wow!) and over 1800 monthly visitors (double wow!) to give everyone a bit of an update (Can you tell I’ve been reviewing analytics?) Since September, I’ve been to four states and four countries, having taken 9 planes and 6 trains on my journeys. I feel like I haven’t stayed in any singular place for longer than three […]

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Italophile.com: All Your Italy Questions, Answered [Sponsored]

What I would have done to have access to a forum like Italophile.com back when I was anxiously planning my first trip to Italy. I stumbled across this community a few weeks ago. It is a game-changer for any and every Italophile out there. So, what sets it apart? While I’ve already shared some of my favorite blogs out there for English-speaking expats in Italy, Italophile.com is different. It’s a forum! As it reads on the homepage, […]

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Dress Like a Local: What to Wear in Italy in the Fall

fall fashion in italy

I have never experienced a more chilly start to September! With that in mind, I just recently created a packing guide to Italy in the summer. Now that the leaves are beginning to change, I wanted to share with you my best tips for autumn weather. As you pack this year, you might wonder what to wear in Italy in the fall? If blending in is a priority for you on your next trip, read on.

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Guest Post: Growing Up Italian (American)

Growing up italian american

The Italian experience in America is something familiar to many of us third-generation Americans. We’ve heard the story from our grandparents and great grandparents. But, what is growing up Italian American like for someone that came over a little later? Some people today have an unfair impression of what it means to be a descendant of Italians in America. (think: the mafia, or bad Jersey Shore stereotypes of hair gel, fake tans, and the g-word, […]

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Happy Birthday to Me: 25 Things I Did Before 25

25 things i did before 25

Ciaone, everyone! I hope you’ll excuse the interruption of normal Italy content for a personal post. My 25th birthday is coming up (12 days!), and I wanted to do a special post. 25 is a milestone for anyone, and I can’t say I’m unhappy about how the years turned out. Despite the highs and lows, I’m feeling incredibly blessed and excited to see what the future will hold. Let’s get to it—here are 25 semi-random […]

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5 Tips on How to Vacation in Italy on a Budget

vacation in italy on a budget

One question I get a lot from friends and family who want to go to Italy or Europe on vacation is, “Is it expensive?” The answer: It doesn’t have to be! I spent less money in Italy on my last 2-week vacation than if I was going to take a 2-week long trip to Fort Lauderdale, where I was living at the time. Want to learn how to vacation in Italy on a budget, too? […]

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10 Cities to Visit in Italy that Aren’t Florence, Venice, or Rome

unique cities in italy

When you’re planning your trip to Italy, do you find yourself flying into Venice, taking the train to Florence, and then flying out of Rome? When we’re restricted by time, we tend to choose these three cities to get a good “taste” of Italy. But, most people, after their first time agree that it’s better to visit, smaller, less-touristic cities to get the real experience. Until very recently (1871) Italy wasn’t even Italy as we know […]

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