Villetta Barrea: the Rocky Heart of Italy

villetta barrea abruzzo

Back in August, I took 10 days vacation from my 9-5 pr gig to “bop around Rome.” This is what I told everyone I was doing when they asked. The truth is, my main goal was to make it to a small town in the mountainous heart of Italy: Villetta Barrea Abruzzo. In the summer of 2015, I was living near Perugia for three months and my biggest regret was that I never visited this town–Villetta Barrea is […]

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3 Podcasts about Italy you NEED to Download

Podcasts about Italy

Have a long commute? Can’t get enough of Italy while you’re in America? Check out these podcasts about Italy to make your morning commute a little more engaging. 

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5 Easy Ways to Practice Italian Online for Free

Learn Italian Online for Free

Need to brush up on your Italian before a trip but can’t afford to take classes and hate workbooks? Here are five easy ways to practice Italian online for free.

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Dirty Italian: How to Cuss Like a Local


Arguably one of the best ways to feel like you belong in a foreign country is to speak like a local. Using some of these choice phrases in conversation with an Italian you’re comfortable with is sure to be a big hit. If not, at least swearing in Italian makes you feel like a local. Attenta, these are NOT to be used in polite company…

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