5 Great Italian Movies You Can Watch Online

best italian movies online

Sometimes, you’re just in the mood to sit back with a glass of vino and turn on the subtitles. Or is that only me? ? Netflix isn’t brimming with Italian films, so you have to look elsewhere to get your Italian movie fix. Most of the movies I’m about to share with you have won several international awards. My personal favorites? #4 and #1 on this list. I put together a list for you of 5 of […]

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10 ‘Italian’ Foods You Can Only Find in America

italian american food

If you ask me, Italian food is the best food in the world. Italian American food is right up, too. But, what’s the difference? We all have an idea of what to expect on an Italian menu in America, but you’d be surprised to learn that you won’t find your favorite chicken parmigiana (which I literally had for dinner last night) anywhere on a menu in Italy. Wait, am I trying to say that your […]

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What Are the Advantages of Traveling Alone?

advantages of traveling alone

Solo travel is all the rage in 2017—especially solo female travel. There are a lot of reasons why people opt to take a trip alone. Sometimes, it’s out of necessity (their friends can’t take off work), and other times its a personal choice (they prefer to experience a new place alone). I know from personal experience it takes a lot of preparation, planning, and courage to take the first step and go it alone. In doing […]

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Why Everyone Should Travel To Sicily Once In Their Life

Most people plan their first trip to Italy around the big three: Venice, Florence, and Rome. It’s obvious why. Who doesn’t want to take a gondola ride through the Venice’s canals, visit Michelangelo’s David, and tour the Colosseum? Ask any off-the-beaten-path enthusiast, and for certain, they have even seen these landmarks. Adding Sicily to your list is one stop you won’t regret and will give you a complete Italian experience. Here are 5 reasons why you should travel […]

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