Happy Birthday to Me: 25 Things I Did Before 25

25 things i did before 25

Ciaone, everyone! I hope you’ll excuse the interruption of normal Italy content for a personal post. My 25th birthday is coming up (12 days!), and I wanted to do a special post. 25 is a milestone for anyone, and I can’t say I’m unhappy about how the years turned out. Despite the highs and lows, I’m feeling incredibly blessed and excited to see what the future will hold. Let’s get to it—here are 25 semi-random things I did before 25. Happy Birthday to me! 

1. Won state championships for snowboarding in high school…

…and received a varsity letter. things I did before 25

2. Graduated college…

…and accumulated student debt! Yes!



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3. Spent time with family and friends…

Basically just family.


Gangs all here!

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4. Learned a second language

…and turned my DuoLingo tree gold! (Disclaimer: Not how I learned Italian)
duolingo tree gold

5. Lived in Italy for 3 months

things I did before 25
my sicilian family 😉

6. Landed my dream job…

…and was promoted!


pitching ain’t easy | fractl hq

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7. Gave a work presentation to 20+ people (for over an hour!)

Pitchin’ ain’t easy.

8. Stayed up all night to watch the sunrise on the beach…

…and went swimming in the ocean at midnight.

9. Bought a new car (2x) 

Jeep, I guess you’re alright.



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10. Stumbled upon a huge music festival in Montreal


thanks @arynmnc for the great weekend in #Montreal

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11. Leased my first apartment (alone)

…and moved back home

12. Went camping

Worst time of my life. Don’t do it.

13. Said hello to new friends…

…and goodbye to toxic relationships.

14. Took myself out to dinner (and a movie)

More for me!

15. Rode + skated—a lot


? | burlington, vt

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16. Ran my first 5k

Consider: my walking speed and running speed are. the. exact. same. thing!

17. Became a dog person (kind of)

25 things i did before 25
isn’t she cute

18. Had my heart broken

Too bad, so sad.

19. Was in a music video


Don’t worry everybody even though I am now a famous music video star I will still be your friend on Instagram

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20. Cooked dinner for 15+ people

Lasagna, anyone?

21. Lived through the loss of a parent


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I don’t wish it on anyone.

22. Rode horses through the mountains of Abruzzo with a friend


Luckily, I only make this face when I’m riding horses in Abruzzo.

23. Sang karaoke in Tennessee

Destiny’s Child was not impressed.

24. Started a blog (this one!) 

…and was featured on Thought Catalog and Elite Daily!
25 things i did before 25

25. Made 10,000 mistakes – and learned from (most of) them


Considering the highs and lows, I’m pretty happy with the 25 things I did before 25! Here’s to the next!


    1. Thanks! I keep the blog for a lot of different reasons (they change week to week), but I think this post shows a little bit more about who I am then I usually share on my regular posts! 🙂

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