The 10 Best Italy Blogs You Need To Follow

best italy blogs

Stuck in a blizzard? Bored at work? Need more tips on planning your next trip? Check out some of the best Italy blogs on the web.

It’s hard to balance a blog and a full-time job–especially when you’re up at six in the morning shoveling your walkway (thanks #StellaBlizzard). It’s even harder to blog about Italy when you don’t live there.

I totally get it–it seems like an odd thing for me to spend time on given I’m a few thousands of miles away, but when you think about il bel paese as much as I do, you need an outlet.

That being said, I can’t post as often as I’d like, so I want to share with you some of my favorite blogs about Italy that tide me over until I’m able to take my next trip. Best Italy Blogs

best italy blogAn American in Rome, for locals-only insights

Natalie’s been living in Rome full-time since 2010. Read about Bernini’s Elephant and the Patron Saint of Taxi Drivers in my favorite section on her blog, called “Unexpected Rome”.  Follow Natalie on Twitter here.

ArtTrav, for art enthusiastsBest Italy Blogsbest italy blogs

“ArtTrav, a blog about expat life, art and travel in Italy and Europe, has been online since 2004.” Alexandra holds a Ph.D. in Art History and puts it to good use on her blog, but my favorite one of her posts is The Cost of Living in Italy. This kind of content is pure gold for anyone wanting to take an extended (or indefinite) trip to Italy. Follow Alexandra on Twitter here.

Heart Rome, for food lovers Best Italy Blogsbest italy blogs

“Not just an ode to Rome, the site features posts about food and wine, dining, luxury and international travel, lifestyle and the arts.” Maria Pasquale left her corporate life in Melbourne, Australia to chase the sweet life in Italy and never looked back. Follow Maria on Twitter here.

best italy blogs

La Vita Roma, for traveling around Rome

An American living in the eternal city and teaching English, Abbie will take you with her on her travels through Italy and show you the best-hidden spots in Rome.  Follow Abbie on Twitter here.

best italy blogsLa Brutta Figura, for blending in

I’ve just discovered La Brutta Figura and I am addicted. “Peek through the Knights of Malta keyhole and admire an Italy that is familiar and surprising.”  This blog doesn’t leave you wanting for anything. My favorite post so far? The Elusive Bella Figura and How to Find It, a post about the rules of living in Italy– not as an expat, but as an Italian. Follow Rebecca on Instagram here.

best italy blogsQuesta Dolce Vita, for the scoop on foreigner life in Italy

Jasmine is a former pharmacist is a freelance writer living “the sweet life” in Bergamo, Italy. Two Sides of the Italy Coin is a recent post of hers that really exposes the dichotomy of being a foreigner in Italy. Follow Jasmine on Twitter here.

best italy blogsSurviving in Italy, if you like to laugh

Before I traveled to Italy for the first time, I probably read M.E.’s blog cover to cover twice. Her hilarious journey to Italy, and from Italy, and back to again is captivating and candid. If you don’t want to go on viewing Italy through rose-colored glasses, read her blog. Follow her on Twitter here.

best italy blogsRick’s Rome, for a killer podcast

Finally, a man on here! Rick, a former expat turned south Floridian blogged for several years on Rick’s Rome. He still posts occasionally, and my favorite thing about his blog is the emails you receive once you subscribe, and, of course, his super popular podcast, The Fatal Charm of Italy. Follow Rick on Twitter here.
best italy blogs

Girl in Florence, for all things firenze

Georgette is an ex-Tex working for Italy Magazine (another great website to follow) and blogging about all things Florence. She has a great series on her blog called ‘Locals I Love‘ where you get to learn about locals living in Florence. Follow Georgette on Twitter here.

Calabria: The Other Italy, for southern Italy lovers

This blog is off the beaten path, kind of just like Calabria, the region it celebrates. Karen has lived there for four years, wrote and published a book, and now keeps up with the blog regularly. I’m loving her latest about a ghost town called Pentedattilo. Follow Karen on Twitter here.

Italy Chronicles, for culture + travel tips

When you’re planning your first visit to Italy, this is the site to read. Alexei is friendly, relatable, and sheds some light on Italy, a complex and often contradictory country. From telling time, ordering coffee, to reading an Italian menu, Italy Chronicles has you covered. Follow Alexei on Twitter here.

Notes from Verona, for everything Verona

Richard is a teacher, writer, and blogger living in Verona. He has a particular voice and his posts are unique and in-depth. Check out his site for book, restaurant, and bar reviews from the Shakespeares favorite backdrop, Verona. Follow Richard on Twitter for more on history, football, culture and travel.

Your Blog Here!Best Italy Blogs

Want your blog added to the list? Just ask, or reach me on Twitter.

What are your favorite Italy blogs? Leave a link in the comments below! Best Italy Blogs

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  1. LOVE your features! Can’t wait to finally make my way to Italia. Will they let me sign up for Meetic as an American? Lol.

    1. Hey Richard,
      I’ll be glad to check out your blog and put up a link—thanks for reaching out! Never visited Verona, but it’s on my list! 🙂

  2. Domenica, I can’t believe I just saw this! Thank you so much for the feature, I’m honored 🙂 I absolutely love your blog for your insights into Italian life as well!

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