5 Books All Italophiles Should Add to Their Reading List

books about italy

I thought it was about time I shared my bookshelf with you. These are five of some of my favorite books about Italy. I’ll add another post with more in a few weeks. Don’t give up on your New Year’s reading resolutions yet, and check out some of my recommendations below.  1. The Italians by John Hooper “John Hooper’s entertaining and perceptive new book is the ideal companion for anyone seeking to understand contemporary Italy and the unique […]

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5 Reasons to Date an Italian Man and 5 Not To

date an italian man

If you’re alone this Valentine’s Day and you find yourself fantasizing of a love affair in the Mediterranean — don’t. While Italy is well known for its food, art, and scenery, it’s not exactly a secret that Italian men have a reputation for being some of the most romantic in the world. Well, don’t book your flight yet, ladies, because there are some things you should keep in mind before falling for the first Valentino you meet […]

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Little Italy, Montreal: a slice of ‘il bel paese’ close to home

little italy montreal

What do you do when you wake up on Saturday, have no plans, live an hour from the Canadian border and can’t stand to read one more of @RealDonaldTrump’s tweet storms? Go to Montreal, of course, a European escape close to home–and check out Little Italy, Montreal while you’re at it. Read on to learn more about our day trip to The City of Saints. Lit tle Italy Montreal First Stop: Old Montreal Montreal, my favorite city […]

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Villetta Barrea: the Rocky Heart of Italy

villetta barrea abruzzo

Back in August, I took 10 days vacation from my 9-5 pr gig to “bop around Rome.” This is what I told everyone I was doing when they asked. The truth is, my main goal was to make it to a small town in the mountainous heart of Italy: Villetta Barrea Abruzzo. In the summer of 2015, I was living near Perugia for three months and my biggest regret was that I never visited this town–Villetta Barrea is […]

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3 Podcasts about Italy you NEED to Download

Podcasts about Italy

Have a long commute? Can’t get enough of Italy while you’re in America? Check out these podcasts about Italy to make your morning commute a little more engaging. 

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