3 Podcasts about Italy you NEED to Download

Podcasts about Italy

Have a long commute? Can’t get enough of Italy while you’re in America? Check out these podcasts about Italy to make your morning commute a little more engaging. 

The Fatal Charm of Italy

Podcasts about Italy If there is one podcast on this list that you should download, it’s The Fatal Charm of Italy. Rick Zullo from Rick’s Rome is an expat splitting his time between South Florida and Rome. Rick’s podcast is often in the form of conversational style interviews with interesting people with unique perspectives on Italy. I love this podcast because you listen to first-hand accounts on the hilarious struggles of living in Italy and learn about everyday differences in the culture. Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or check out some of my favorite episodes:

(1) Finding a Job in Italy with Liz Knight One of the main reason Americans don’t move to Italy is because they can’t find a job. Liz Knight has been living and working in Italy on and off for many years and offers expert insights on how you can do it, too.

(2 +3) Expats in Rome Interview Series: Session 1 + Session 2  These are my favorite episodes because Rick talks to several people briefly about their experience in Italy and Rome. These expats are just like me and you–and make you think you can make the move, too.

(4) Promoting Italian Culture in America The podcast doesn’t stop when Rick’s in America. In this episode, he went to the Italian consulate in Miami and had the privilege of interviewing Dottoressa Gloria Marina Bellelli, the Consulate General of Italy in Miami. He also interviewed a number of people important for the promotion of the Italian language in South Florida.

The Bittersweet LifePodcasts about Italy

Tiffany and Katy from The Bittersweet Life are living in Rome and “have two very different points of view on the ‘dolce vita.'” The episodes are content-rich, fascinating, thorough, and insightful. Start here with episode one, and then learn more about language, dating, and expat life.

Podcast from Italy

Tune into Podcast from Italy for a unique insight from two Americans living and running an organic farm in the Italian countryside of Le Marche. “Stories of daily life, local Italian recipes, chicken herding, large scale gardening projects, strolls through surrounding villages, fun Italian phrases, shopping for fish along the Adriatic coast and bargain wine discoveries straight from the vineyard.” Subscribe on iTunes here.

Podcasts about Italy BONUS: 30 Minute Italian Podcast

Learn Italian in 30 minutes a day with Cher Hale from the Iceberg Project. A lot of people have a fundamental understanding of Italian but then struggle to improve from a beginner to an intermediate speaker. With over 200 episodes, your Italian will improve every 30 minutes you devote to this podcast. Subscribe on iTunes here.


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    1. Hey Ashley! Of course, I love your podcast! I just saw your comment now (2 months later), which means my passion project had to be put on the backburner while I moved and settled into working remotely full time. I’ll be back at it again soon, and maybe feature another of your podcasts in the future! Thanks for the comment! – Domenica

  1. Ciao! I’m just seeing this now, too! I took a little break from my podcast, but right now I’m in the process of recording a few new episodes. Want to be a guest in the next month or two? Rick

    1. Hey Rick! Wow so excited to hear from you– Welcome to my passion project that I’m taking on while I slowly drown in news coverage of our new president…haha. Thrilled to hear that the podcast is coming alive again, and I’d LOVE to be a guest. Sounds awesome! Hope all is well in SoFlo! – Domenica

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